How to Apply for Erasmus İncoming Students


How to Apply for Erasmus İncoming Students

Application Process

Each incoming student applicant should be firstly selected and nominated by his/her home university in the scope of the bilateral agreement for the relevant faculty/department at İstanbul Rumeli University. Upon the submission of the application by the student, İstanbul Rumeli University will provide him/her with the invitation letter and all relevant information about the registration procedure.

All application documents, specified below, should be duly signed and sealed by the home university and then sent to the Erasmus Coordinator at İstanbul Rumeli University before the deadlines.


Application Deadlines:

  • Final Submission for 2019-2020 Fall semester: 22 July 2019
    Final Submission for 2019-2020 Spring semester: 9 December 2019

Required Documents:

  • Incoming Student Application Form two Photographs
    Appllication Form should be completed on computer and in full. Original, fax, or photocopies will be accepted; however, application forms without the proper signatures and stamps will not be accepted. (Please also provide two photos)

    • A Nomination Letter
    An official statement of the sending institution, declaring the nomination of the student applying.

    • Learning Agreement
    Learning Agreement for Studiesor for Placement


(Please click on ‘Information on Erasmus Degree Programmes’ part to chose your study cycle and see the list of courses.)


International Relations Office of İRU will prepare necessary documents for incoming students. These documents include Transportation card, Student Card and Residence Permit documents. The IErasmus Coordinator will guide incoming students in getting these cards, getting new numbers for mobile phones and with the procedure to get residence permit in addition to this students will be guided during registration period.


All required application documents should be sent via e-mail to the following address before the application will be processed:

İstanbul Rumeli University, İSTANBUL, TURKEY.



  • Transcript of Records

The academic records, showing the study at İRU, should be officially issued in English. If the transcript is not ready at the time of departure, Erasmus coordinator will send it to the incoming students address.)

  • Certificate of Attendance

Certificate of Attendance will be provided by Erasmus coordinator.

  • Student ID Card

Student cards should be given back to Erasmus coordinator when the study ends.