Task and Responsibilities

  1. We prepare various cooperation agreements between our university and foreign universities and research centers in the areas of student and staff exchange, project and training opportunities, and we take care of their administration after their approval
  2. We try to ensure that our university has adopted the necessary infrastructure, learning system, working procedures and principles to benefit from various mobility and cooperation opportunities.
  3. We announce the available exchange and cooperation activities, receive student and staff applications, make the selections thereto and supervise their completion within the framework of existing exchange and cooperation agreements.
  4. We take care of the application, acceptance, meeting, settlement and registration of foreign students and staff who come to our university.
  5. We prepare the necessary official documents of the outgoing students and staff, and notify them with what needs to be done in departure from the country and arrival to the host institution.
  6. We participate in fairs, seminars, meetings etc. organized for the cooperation of universities at national and international level in the area of higher education.
  7. We maintain the processes of the application, communication and correspondence for domestic and international programs that we deem to be to the benefit of Istanbul Rumeli University.
  8. We share with our students and staff the project announcements made by the European Union and other international organizations and we organize guidance meetings on how to apply and work through these projects. We work in cooperation with the Project Office of our university on this subject.
  9. We prepare the necessary materials for the introduction and promotion of our university at an international level and we work in cooperation with the other offices at our university for the purpose.