Mobility Recognition


Istanbul Rumeli University fully recognizes the courses that the students take during their learning mobility. Before the mobility, a Learning Agreement (LA) is prepared for an outgoing student which specifies which course is regarded as a replacement which one. And once the LA is signed by the Erasmus+ Office of the home and the host university, it bears a legal guarantee for the student that if (s)he passes all the courses (s)he receives at the host university, (s)he will be regarded as have passed all the courses at the corresponding semester of the home university. Or briefly, the semester or the year that a student spends at the host university will be considered as a full replacement for the semester or the year at home university if the student does not fail any courses.

The measures are thus taken for the mobility students not to extend their education at home university. And upon their completion of the mobility, the courses taken during mobility are added to the transcript of the students with a full, accurate and timely record the courses and other activities attended.