Erasmus Policy Statement


Istanbul Rumeli University is a foundation university established on 23rd April 2015 by the Balcı Foundation. The University has the objective to be an advanced academic institution that educates scientists and scholars for the high benefit of the domestic and the international community, and for the transmission of knowledge, experience and civility to the youth. The University offers education in all areas of science and knowledge including medicine, health sciences, engineering, and social sciences thanks to its specialized and experienced academic staff. We believe that Istanbul Rumeli University’s prospects to accomplish its goals will enhance substantially by integration with the international academic world. Taking its first students in September 2016, Istanbul Rumeli University is strongly motivated to sign partnership agreements with universities reputed for their achievements in science, technology and knowledge.

Geographically, Istanbul Rumeli University wishes to establish partnerships with universities and other academic institutions in Europe, North-South America, Asia and Africa but the University will not be bound by strict geographical preferences. The major criteria for choosing the partners will be the excellence in higher education, but we will take into account geographical proximity as well for purposes of ensuring continuity in the relations established. Istanbul Rumeli University aims to attract the most successful and promising students and researchers into its campus from around the world to strengthen its dynamic and sophisticated research environment. It is a major objective of Istanbul Rumeli University to use the mobility and collaborative project facilities of Erasmus + to help the students and researchers have better opportunities for their future graduate and research studies. The staff and the students joining in the mobilities of various types are expected to advance more sophisticated research and pieces of academic work by making use of the research facilities like the libraries, laboratories, research centers or the fields which are not available at their home university.

An important objective of Istanbul Rumeli University to establish partnership with the other academic institutions is to develop intercultural dialogue and friendship among the young and intellectual populations of nations. Many of the conflicts reigning on the globe presently are rooted in or escalated by social, cultural, religious, ethnic, racial differences. And if such differences are left in isolation in their environment, they only serve to grow and deteriorate present conflicts. We wish to make use of the opportunities of mobility and collaborative works provided by Erasmus + program for intercultural communication and dialogue as a mechanism that will serve to the purposes of effective peace-building and prosperity among nations.

Istanbul Rumeli University has strong social, vocational and economic links with the part of Turkey that it is located. Its one of its major purposes to contribute to the local and regional development of its near environment where about 3% of the Turkish industrial production is produced. The exchange of students and staff with international partners is expected to contribute to the mutual benefit of the participants with them sharing the knowledge, expertise, know-how, technology and experience at relevant areas.

Target group of the mobility activities is the short and the first cycle students, and the academic and the administrative staff in the first place, but as the university grows further with the opening of new graduate programs, students from the second and the third cycle will also be added to Erasmus + activities. We are strongly aware of the benefits of the mobility of the academic and the administrative staff to the learning, research and training environment and their participation in various Erasmus + activities will be supported strongly. Istanbul Rumeli University welcomes funds for purposes of research in its efforts to present knowledge to the service of practice and expects that its academic personnel will make use of the research funds provided by the European Commission to meet the expenses needed at various stages of scientific research activities.. 

Established in April 2015, Istanbul Rumeli University does not have double/multiple/joint degree programs presently, but the introduction of such programs are in the agenda of the university administration for future years that will be announced on the university website as initiated.