Operating Principles

The Erasmus+ office is launched as an office operating under the Presidency of Istanbul Rumeli University to aid the university in the exploration, administration and management of Erasmus+ Key Action plans with foreign universities as facilitated by the European Commission for various higher educational purposes like the exchange of students and staff, student and staff training, and management of projects.

The Erasmus+ Office is headed by Asst. Prof. Hakan Köni and he is aided with two deputies, who are Asst Prof Mergül Saraf Yıldızoğlu and Research Assistant Islam Mayda. Dr Hakan represents the main contact person between the university administration and the Erasmus+ Office. In coordination with his deputies, Hakan Köni organizes Erasmus+ info seminars for the staff and students each semester to inform them about the requirements, processes, dates and the other specifics of student and staff mobility, and he also facilitates the distribution of info papers, posters and such materials for the same purpose.

The students and the staff make their mobility applications straight to the Erasmus+ main office after which the head of the office instructs the Department of Foreign Languages of Istanbul Rumeli University to prepare a language exam for the students to determine their language proficiency and levels. The applications which meet the minimum language and other criteria are then transferred to the Erasmus+ Selection Committee which is formed by Asst Prof Hakan Köni, Asst Prof Aylin Tetiker and Özlem Yalçınçıray. The applications are evaluated according to the most recent selection criteria set by the Turkish National Agency and they are duly announced to the applicants much before the mobility periods. The winning students are notified to the target universities abroad and once the students are contacted by the foreign partners, they are directed by the Head of the Office to the Department Coordinators for the preparation of Learning Agreements (LAs). The preparation of the learning agreements is thus led by the department coordinators, who are already in charge and well-aware of their duties. In contact with the foreign partners, the department coordinators advice the students with the courses they can take and negotiate a learning agreement accordingly.

The grant agreement of the winners are prepared by deputies of the Erasmus+ main office and after their signature and seal, a copy of them are transferred to the Accounting Office of the University for their payment before the start of the mobility.

For further details of the duties and responsibilities of the persons in charge, please see İstanbul Rumeli University Erasmus Regulation, Article 4 and 5.