Mobility Mentoring


Istanbul Rumeli University students are provided with sufficient guidance at all stages of their mobility periods. The Erasmus+ Office organizes info seminars every semester to inform the students about the basic requirements, processes, dates and other necessities of learning and training mobility. They are also informed through the announcements at the university webpage and poster at the announcement boards.

Students are encouraged to meet the cumulative grade point average and language requirements for their future applications through the info seminars and by their department coordinators and they are provided with sufficient language courses at the university at all grades. A language preparatory school enrolls students who would like to study English language for a full year which gives 20-25 hours of English language courses every week to help them meet the language proficiency level for exchange but career purposes.

Once the winning students are selected, they are guided by a coordinated action of the Erasmus+ Office and department coordinators about how to get a passport, how to apply for visa, where and what kind of a health insurance to buy, where to stay at host university, how to travel to the host university and with whom to contact there. They are also provided with their grant before their mobility period to meet their various expenditures in the meantime.

The incoming students, in the other side, are provided with guidance much before their arrival. The deputies of the Erasmus+ Office complete their LAs, send them the invitation letters for visa, arrange their accommodations in or around the university hostels and lead an orientation program for them for their well-integration into the university and the city environment. The students are also provided with a student guide for a period of time to help them for anything they may need. Based on the choice of students, the students are also provided with an intensive Turkish language course if there is a demand from a minimum 4-5 incoming students. The incoming staff are also allowed to attend the intensive language courses.