Language Policy



The medium of education at Istanbul Rumeli University is Turkish. But the students are provided with support for language proficiency by various means. Istanbul Rumeli University has a voluntary preparatory school for the study of English language for a full year that all the students could enroll which includes 20-25 hours of lessons of English language each week. The prep school has the purpose to graduate the students with a B1 level of English minimum. The students are offered to attend this school before they start with their department and they are highly encouraged by the university administration for their future mobility purposes.

In addition to the prep school, the first cycle students are given about 3-8 hours of English language lessons all through their education at the university while the short cycle students receive about 3 hours of English lessons for two years.

In order to be able to participate in the mobility, the students are required to document their language proficiency by taking an internationally recognized test of English language or taking the proficiency exam organized by Department of Languages of Istanbul Rumeli University.