ECTS Policy



 Istanbul Rumeli University uses the European Transfer Credit System (ECTS) to allocate credits for the courses. ECTS credits are calculated according to the amount of workload assigned to the students for each lesson. The student workload is the summation of the hours of study needed to be performed by the students in weekly classes, exams, papers, presentations, projects, individual studies and similar course activities during a semester. 1 ECTS credit corresponds to 30 hours of workload and the ECTS credit of a course is calculated by dividing the entire workload to 30 and rounding down the result into a full number. A student must take 30 ECTS credits per semester and 60 ECTS credits per year. The university provides the students with necessary guidance regarding their responsibilities for getting ECTS credits while selecting their courses. And the university follows the recommendations given in the ECTS User’s Guide to optimize the overall course credit system.